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Explore our range of Kayak Hire, Lessons and Group Activities.

Double Kayak Hire

We offer one and two hour double kayak hire on the tranquil Lliw Reservoir. After fitting you with a buoyancy aid and giving you a quick ‘how-to’ you will be free to explore the beautiful waters and take in the abundant wildlife from a new perspective. No prior kayak experience is required.

Sorry. No dogs allowed on the kayaks.

Double Kayak Lessons

We offer one hour double kayak lessons. If you feel you would like a helping hand taking your first kayak strokes on the water then our qualified and experienced instructors will be there every step of the way. You will learn everything from getting on and off the water, to mastering forwards and backwards strokes.

Kayaking For Groups

Double kayaking is a fantastic and fun group activity that suits all ages and abilities. Sessions can be realxing and calm learning and exploring the Lliw Reservoir or exhilerating and exciting with lots of games and challenges. Double kayaking is an ideal team building activity loved by all.