We are in the process of making it possible to self-launch your kayak or SUP from our slipway/pontoon on the Lliw Reservoir. We are just awaiting the go-ahead from Welsh Water in order for self-launching to occur. We do not yet have a date for this.

For insurance purposes all people wanting to self-launch will need to be members of Canoe Wales or British Canoeing, and present their membership card upon arrival. You will also be required to wear a buoyancy aid.

Swansea Adventures is responsible for managing self-launching at the Lliw Reservoir. As such you will be required to reserve a spot using our online booking system (which will go live as soon as we get the go ahead from Welsh Water). There will be a £5 launch fee as a Swansea Adventures employee will have to wash your equipment for you due to the risk of contamination.

The Lliw Reservoir is a drinking water source. If you are aware that your vessle has been in contact with blue-green algae or other potentail forms of contamination please do not attempt to use it on the Lliw.

Booking spots will be in three hour slots – 9am-12pm, 12pm-3pm and 3pm-6pm

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Who can self-launch at the Lliw Reservoir?

  • Those with a Canoe Wales/British Canoeing membership (all participants who wish to use a vessle on the water must have their own membership with CW/BC).
  • Those who have reserved a space using our online booking system and who have paid the £5 launch fee.

Self-Launch Rules & Regulations

  • Those wishing to self launch must present their BC/CW membership card to the Swansea Adventures Reception and sign a copy of these Rules & Regulations.
  • Buoyancy aids must be worn at all times while on a craft in the water.
  • All SUPS must be inflated prior to being taken down to the slipway/pontoon.
  • All boats must be jetwashed thoroughly by a member of Swansea Adventures Staff (using our boatwash facilities) before and after entering the water.
  • The slipway/pontoon are only to be used for entering and exiting the water (no spectators/hanging around on slipway/pontoon).
  • No equipment or belongings of any kind to be left on the slipway/pontoon.
  • Swimming in the reservoir is prohibited.
  • Swansea Adventures reserves the right to withdraw access to the Lliw Reservoir at any time.
  • Disruptive or dangerous behavior will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate withdrawal of permissions to use the reservoir.