Pro-Active Adventure

Cancellation Policy

Refunds will only be provided if requested more than 24h prior to the booking start time. In the case that a cancellation is requested with less than 24h notice, a reschedule or credit note may be provided at the discretion of the booking manager.

Full Terms & Conditions

The company hold risk assessments and procedures in place that are compliant with current government advice to limit the risk of transmission of covid 19. I understand however that there is still an inherent risk of transmission in the current situation.

In the case of children taking part in activity programmes, I understand that the adventurous activities undertaken by my son/daughter with Pro-Active Adventure are physical and demanding sports, which obviously have inherent hazards associated with them. Whilst Pro-Active Adventure takes all necessary precautions to try and ensure the safety of all participants, accidents may occur in consequence. I understand that my son/daughter will be familiarised with the hazards and risk management guidelines and will be expected to comply with Pro-Active Adventure’s instructors.

I understand that the management of Pro-Active Adventure accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or injury resulting from any person’s involvement in the activities who fail to comply with the guidance outlined above.

I confirm that any children taking part in hire or guided activities are older than 5 years of age. That in such cases I am the parent, Guardian, Carer or that the children are in my care as Locus Parentus. I give my full consent to them taking part in adventurous activities.

I confirm that I have no underlying health conditions that prevent or hinder me from taking part in adventurous activities. I have declared any allergies, medications and limitations to my health and physical ability to the activity company.

I confirm that all participants are capable of swimming 10m while wearing a buoyancy aid.

Pro-Active Adventure Ltd is not responsible for the use of the equipment. We only provide equipment to be used under the skills and abilities of the hirer, we require no proof of ability and offer no advice or instruction in the use of the equipment and how they are to be used.

The hirer acknowledges that they are responsible for their own safety and that of their group when hiring equipment, which involves inherent risk.

I agree to return the items on the stated day in the condition in which I received them. Any damaged equipment will be charged for at full retail price for replacement or repair if deemed appropriate, regardless of how damage was caused.

Pro-Active Adventure Ltd acts in good will when hiring out equipment and as such expects such from the hirer. We reserve the right to withdraw and collect our equipment at any point and for any reason during a hire period.

The hirer is satisfied with the serviceable condition of the equipment.

No instruction or advice has been sought or given from Pro-Active Adventure Ltd on the use or location best suited to the hirer’s group. I confirm that I am of sound mind and have read and agree to the full terms and conditions highlighted on this web site and displayed at this site, and that I undertake any activities at my own risk.

In the case of being a parent, guardian or carer, I give permission for my child to attend the course and undertake activities with a clear understanding of the associated risks for these kinds of activities and agree that they do so at their own risk.